Posted 29th Nov 2022
Any recommendations for websites that sell aftershaves/perfumes A LOT cheaper because they have basic packaging and numbers for names.

There's quite a few on social media but wanted to get recommendations were you've actually brought them and the fragrances were decent.

Have to word this very carefully in case it breaks the rules!

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  1. Avatar - been ordering from there for a few years and never had a bad copy tbf! A lot of them are roll on oils rather than sprays and usually last around 16+ hours, most I use you can still smell in some form the next day too.
    I second this also and with thanks to @Blurryface for the recommendation before on another thread. (edited)
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    IIRC correctly either Aldi or Lidl did copies of famous brands, they didn't last as long as the genuine fragrance but they were quite good.
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    Read the list of UK dupes
    Find links to aldi and next listed on site above.

    I'm lucky to have Beauty Outlet and superdrug in city so I plan to go in over Christmas and pick some up on the list above. I've not been in for a year but want to try.
    Some think the dupes can be better than real thing. All opinion I guess (edited)
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    Verset perfume you can buy from most chemists and on amazon
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    "A LOT cheaper because they have basic packaging and numbers for names" sounds like very dubious marketing. The days when full colour packaging was significantly more expensive are decades in the past and how you label your product has little impact on cost.
    I think you may have missed the subtlety of the question

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    Copycat fragrances worth a go.
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