Aftershave but tester versions

    are these ok to buy? as i notice there cheaper then normal versions of the same aftershave

    a local market stall sells all the top aftershaves boxed in white boxes with ''TESTER'' on

    do the shops not mind this?

    does anyone no somewere online i can get some tester's?


    If its the market I wouldnt really trust them, the market around me seels a like of Hugo Bosses for £5! fake obviously imo.

    teh person might just be labling testers himself, so people would buy off him/her

    [url][/url] some of the perfumes and aftershaves have tester on, others don't.

    Used them a couple of times, as they are loads cheaper than the high street


    i lost all my favourites when lappy went boobs up, but pop something like tester perfume in google, there are loads of online shops that sell testers

    If they're legit testers then they are not meant for sale, so I woudl be surprised if you could find somewhere that openly sells them.

    I've sometimes wondered - does it mean half the bottle is empty? :lol:

    I use to sell the same when I worked for a chemist, as long as they are genuine they are ok. most times tester bottles are 2-3 times normal sizes, most chemists get them free as they aid sales of real boxes. Legally they are not spose to ve sold, but that contract is between the wholesaler/fragrance warehouse and the buyer. You should be able to haggle with them. If they are fakes they wont be on the market long, also speak to the market inspector, he is legally oblige to refuse a license to any dodgy seller

    Hi, we always buy testers for ourselves from fragrance direct and have never had a problem with them, we also have bought as presents for my brother as he would rather have the bigger tester bottle than a smaller one in a proper box

    Original Poster

    there are genuine and he' been there years
    thanks for all reply's will have a good look

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    lol wouldnt buy that p1ss water

    and why aren't you sat watching poyet?! tut tut!
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