Again, A used car question!

    I'm still deciding whether to share my mums car ( means I get it for like half the week) or buy my own..
    I've found this one:…=52

    But would there be anything other than insurance, petrol and obviously the car listing price that I'd have to pay on top, such as new tyres or tax or anything like that?


    Tax stated as included, but might only be a month and MOT due soon. Unfortunately nobody can tell from that advert how well maintained the car is and whether any work is needed on it shortly.

    Buying a s/hand car is a lottery, it can look a fantastic car but be a dog within weeks. Things always to look for are, low number of owners, no accident damage, low mileage and a full service record. If you know nothing about cars then take someone with you who does, even if to just ask the right questions.
    Also, dont forget, if sharing a car, only one can be the registered owner and therefore have the insurance with the other as a named party. If the insurance company decide that the named person uses the car more than the insured they could cancel any claims, just something to be careful of as they are hotter on it now.
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