Again does this look like a decent buy ebay item no 300249796050

    As per title.



    looks very decent

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    I know lol. Just wanted to see other ppls opinions on it.

    I am inclined to say the BIN price is fairly good, at £56 delivered. The buyer as very little feedback so would be wary about that aspect, in fact the price seems too good.

    also 'good' condition, its a bit subjective...That and no pic would put me off

    You are determined to have a spend on ebay tonight arent you!!! Ive just seen a nice black pair of brand new YSL jeans on there for £23.80 delivered is that a good price?

    hmm im gunna keep a monitor on this see how much it finally goes for, I asked the buyer if he has actually a picture of the PSP itself and asked about it's condition i seem unsure about bidding though tbh!

    YSL is in sports world now...

    thfc_andyp3 stole his psp off a chinese guy


    YSL is in sports world now...

    You mean sports direct?


    thfc_andyp3 stole his psp off a chinese guy

    what? kinda random dude.....

    you just watch out for him, he has the tiny eyes of a cockrel imbedded into his face

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    tempted, very tempted to buy

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    Aern't you covered by paypal anyway?

    yep sports direct sorry.

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    yer but i dont thin your coverd that well imo


    Aern't you covered by paypal anyway?

    only as long as they havent withdrawn/spent the money:thumbsup:



    sorry looked too good you can buy it off me for £85


    nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! some gay trwat bought it!

    And i would lay odds on it being someone who has read this thread!

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    Put a bid of £50.01 here : 300249717113

    doubt I'm gonna win tho.

    Really no need to start 2 threads almost the exact same with a short period of each other?…s-/
    Locked this one.

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