Agghhh 3 red lights of death !!!

    Just turned on the Xbox.........and got the dreaded 3 flashing red lights..........general hardware failure

    Has anyone got a link to contact MS (or a receipt from around Liverpool way for an Xbox ?)

    I hear it can take upto 10 weeks to get sorted



    Go to the microsoft uk website and click contact us [it'll be on there]

    Request a NEW console.

    ms have upped the gtee period to 3 years as far as I know...because of that very problem....have you tried the towel trick....just google

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    Not bothering with the towel trick, only rectifies the problem for a temporary period, I want a permanent solution

    I take it it's still free to fix for upto 3 years then ?


    Yes it is , as long as you haven't opened it up or modded/flashed it. Don't need the receipt, they do it by serial no. Mate of mine got his back within 10 days recently.

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    Cheers guys,

    Just rang them, they are emailing me some UPS labels, just need to pack it, stick on the labels & send it to them.

    They reckon 2-3 weeks tops


    Thanks all

    Mine recently had the 3 red lights - came back within 2 weeks, saying the DVD drive had been repaired! No mention of whether they'd fixed the red lights or not!

    It seemed to be OK, but I've since sold it... That's the 2nd one I've had - I don't trust them anymore

    have u sorted ur xbox chris./???


    have u sorted ur xbox chris./???

    He only posted this thread today. :?

    oh haha didnt notice...

    sorry..obviously having a blonde moment...
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