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Found 30th Jan
Has anyone ever used Agoda the booking site to book hotels? I wanted to book a hotel that is showing up much cheaper (nearly (£90 cheaper) on agoda than any other online booking site like or
I'm just worried that it is considerably cheaper than other websites so I'm wondering if it's too good to be true.

I had a look at reviews on 'Tripadvisor' and most of them seem okay but the people who had bad experiences, had really bad experiences. The same goes with 'review pilot'. Most seem okay except the occasional ones that say it's a scam/have horrendous customer service. Review pilot also seemed a bit dodgy as most of their 5 star reviews were left by Asian people who only left good reviews about Agoda. That worries me because people have mentioned the company operates from Singapore. Maybe there's an incentive to leave good reviews from agoda? They're not verified customers either.

I would really like to know more about people's experiences of booking from them, if they have any -good or bad. Or if they think it's a good idea to book a place with them anyway.
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Agoda is a legitimate site, aslong as the hotel has good reviews over all platforms your safe, go for whatevers cheapest,

aswell quidco/topcashback always do 10% off, so might be cheaper if more then 900£ (10%) 90£ off*
ive used Agoda a few times they tend to come out the cheapest and i've never had issues with any bookings. You might want to check if there is any tax payable at the hotel, which is why its working out a lot cheaper than others
great legitimate site, somehow there looked with not sure if they own them or not but i've found sometimes there hotels receive room request from i used to muliple times to book a room never had a problem.

Also there iPhone app awesome, comes with cool features to help you..
Booked last year with Agoda to Milan, I had no problems and will use again.
I paid extra city tax at the hotel.
Yep - I've used them before they are good, you shouldn't have any issues.
Thanks everyone. I went ahead and booked. Fingers crossed nothing happens!
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