AGP graphics card

    I've just bought a new pc rather than upgrade my existing one. I therefore still have my existing one and I am thinking of turning that into a pc to run HD video content and we brosing through my TV.
    I currently have an AMD 2600+, 1GB RAM, MSI KT4V motherboard (AGP graphics slot), Nvidia 440 MX (awful graphics card).

    I've already looked into making the CPU quieter and I'm probably gonna upgrade the RAM a bit but i was looking for a cheap and quiet AGP graphics card. It doesn't need to play games just run video reasonably well as i'm wanting to connect it to my HDTV.

    I'm looking at around £20-£30 but would be willing to go up to £40ish.

    I've seen this on Scan…159
    Would this work as it supports Open GL 2.0 and Nvidia's "Pure Video"?

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    anything? anyone? I also found this (…734 ) as I was looking to take advantage of the google checkout thing at ebuyer. There was also a sapphire hd 2400 256mb that i was looking at but was unsure about volume levels.
    Anyone know if the asus card will support HD video or where I can get info on volume levels from GPU fans?

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