AGP Graphics Card - under £70

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Found 1st Oct 2007
A challenge!
I currently have...
Dell Dimension 4600 with

P4 3.06Ghz CPU
1.5gb Ram
2 HDs
DVD Burner
Dual Displays (Dell W2600 LCD TV + Dell P1130 CRT Monitor)
Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 pro 128mb

Basically, I want a new AGP card that can beef up performance a little with HD video, handle a bit of 3D work better (I only use freeware MORAY and POVRAY)....plus my system at the moment lags when I have graphically intensive sites on screen (my crt does 1080p resolution so probably quite demanding)

can anyone help? was looking at nvidia 7600gt any good?
and if someone is really awesome, the card would preferrably work easily in osx x86 or "hackintosh"



7600gt is a nice card for the money. It's quite a bit better than the 9800pro.

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ordered another 512mb ram and a 256mb ddr3 7600gt...was gonna go all out and get a new system but 3ghz is still decent when im not a gamer..

most demanding thing it does is compile in visual studio or play hd videos..so ill see how it improves!

was gonna get a 512mb 7600gt but heard mac osx cant recognise 512 cards so just saved myself some grief

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scratch that, cancelled the card cus they added vat on top, cheeky

anyone find an agp 7600gt cheap?

tekheads.co.uk has one for £65 but it's out of stock, agp versions are hard to find

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ended up with an ati x800pro gonna bios mod to an xt if it's the right serial number. 256mb ddr3

not as good as the 7600gt, I hear but I got it for £30 so I got a new 256 card and 512 ram for less than a 7600gt...hopefully tide me over nicely
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