AGPtek M28 16 GB Music Player

Posted 8th Dec 2016
Has anyone got one of these mp3 players off Amazon I'm really liking the look of this as it's metal cased it looks like a premium product for very little cash, just wanted to know if there any good, got very good reviews?
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beware of amazon reviews got very corrupt now
I never heard about these so can't answer that, but I can recommend the sandisk sansa etc clip on players. perhaps even cheaper and really solid little players. They don't look quite as premium perhaps though...
I would like an MP3 player too, but am holding out for a good quality brand (Fiio or Sony) and a price reduction (I missed the black Friday deals). If it's a cheap one you want, there will be a lightening deal at 6.05pm (brand = hcctoo). Don't know if it's any good . I had an Apgtek MP3 before - it's ok - cheap and cheerful. Works absolutely fine. Gave it away, so don't know how well it copes over time. Hope this helps.

beware of amazon reviews got very corrupt now

​Ain't that the truth
+1 for the Sansa clip/clip+

I have two, one is in use 24/7 as a cheap background music source, and is still going strong more than 5 years after I bought it.

As for Amazon reviews, yeah, I have noticed one seller has 5 5star reviews for every product they are selling, and no other reviewers..

Back to the advertised product, not a UK supplier - the English is good, but not entirely correct, no clues as to delivery time (which usually means shipped from China); looks like an iPod knock-off and several different "brands" with almost identical products (at cheaper prices).

Having looked at the other items they sell, I recognise a lot of them as generic Chinese stuff you can buy individually, or by the container load with your name stamped on them.

Not denigrating the Chinese (I'm married to one), but an unknown brand is always taking a risk, and as this seller isnt in the UK repairs/refunds/replacements are going to be an issue, they can just shut up shop and re-open under another name if their kit kills anyone.

Yep with all the brilliant feedback I'm going for the SanDisk but now to decide which one jam or sport version lol
I've decided I'm going for the SanDisk sport 8gb better battery £34 from pic stop.
i have one and think its fine for the use it meant for, but just my opinion
Lovely cheers
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