Agros price difference refund?

Found 27th Dec 2009
I bought a watch from argos before xmas and it's now half price in the sale. Do argos have any kind of policy for refunding the difference if I ask, I'd buy a second one and return it with the original recipt but since it's jewelery I suspect it's probably exempt from the 30 return policy. Does anyone know different?
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I've returned a watch before. Didn't like it when I got it home. Got a refund no problem. Think its just earrings that you can't return.
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shock! horror! boxing day sales!
i think argos have a 16 day money back thing, not 30, but as above i've returned a watch to argos no problem.
well what bother's me is that when I bought it it was advertised as being half price.

And now it is apparently half price, so how did they pull that one off? shouldn't it have been quarter price.

but yeah I looked at the website and earrings specifically say you can't return them, and it doesn't say that for watches.

And obviously I expected that some things would be cheaper in the sales, but if you could get the money back, wouldn't you?
i'm guessing you have worn this watch and are happy with it, it has now been further reduced in the sale and you want argos to give you the difference between what you paid then and how much it costs now?? I doubt this is going to happen, everyone would be going back, your best bet is buy one at the reduced price, return the new one with the original reciept and say it was a duplicate gift, shouldn't be a problem then. Unless you bought it before december as the christmas extended returns don't usually start ubtil then.
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