Ah Heck the little ones just come out in Chicken Pox.....

    the last thing we needed at the moment. She's 4 and I'm concerned my other little one may get the C pox.

    Never been faced with this before, any advice on keeping her comfy and avoiding the other one getting it would be appreciated.



    i think its better for them to get it young, not alot you can do other than keep them cool, and if they are itching try some antihistimines and calamine lotion, just check they dont get it in any nasty places or non become infected, keep temp down with calpol/brufen

    Dont worry mine had this when they were 2 and 3 - wiped out an entire playschool lol !

    Lots of calamine lotion to dab on spots to stop them scratching and calpol to help any fever. Just make sure she drinks plenty of water and keep her occupied with books, toys, tv etc to take her mind off it as much as possible - and be prepared to lose a couple of nights sleep :-) !!

    Good luck but try not to worry too much they soon bounce back and are up and running around whilst you're wiped out and exhausted from looking after them !! She should only be poorly for a few days before she picks up - the main nuisance is keeping her away from other kids for a few days.

    as above calamine and calpol, try not to worry, many kids sail through without being ill, just spotty.:santa:

    calamine aqueous cream its a soft cream in a small tub (get a couple) and just rub it all over as often as you need this was recommended to us and we have used it on all three of our kids

    We went to visit friends once and they phoned the day before we were due to fly over to say that the kids had caught chicken pox. As it's best to get these things out of the way when you're younger Mum took us over anyway and even made us share a bedroom with the kids. And none of us caught it!! But a few years later when it went round school we did. Mum made some sort of aloe vera and carrot type concoction if I recall right!! But also calomine lotion.

    Don't bother trying to keep your other child away, just get them both out of the way at once!

    Bicarb soda in the bath water helps stop the itching too, and it dries the spots quicker.

    agree with kareandy , the cream is much better than lotion,the lotion dries and can make itching worse , hope they well for fther xmas x x x

    both my kids got it young, 11 and 12 months. im glad they got it young. one got it badly the other very mildly!!
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