Ah well there is always Tuesday.

    Failed my theory,.

    Questions : 41/50 (pass mark 43)
    Hazard perception 59/75 (pass mark 44)

    Gutted like but i have booked it again for this Tuesday


    Make sure that you're cool calm and collected next time. Get everything ready well in advance. Hard luck but not far off. Will pass soon.

    Sorry - but good luck for next week, it was just meant to be!

    Never mind ... second time lucky as they say ! (was it your 1st attempt ? ) You'll be even more confident the next time

    Original Poster

    Ye this was my fiirst



    Ye this was my fiirst

    i failed my theory once and iv failed my practical twice lol, so don't be too downbeat...

    Ack - better luck next time

    Passed on my 2nd go so good luck next time :thumbsup:

    You will know what to expect the next time, good luck

    i got 48/50 and 44 out of 75 in hp lol

    got my practical next week :w00t:

    thik i was lucky i passed both 1st time...

    Awww....never mind, better luck next time. Don't give up :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone

    Not to worry kidda, good luck for Tues xx

    awww bummer hun. i used to practise the thoery twice a day at home, then always review wrong answers that way you now know the answer. did it that often that come thoery day i knew quite a bit. then passed and promptly forgot them all lol
    good luck

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    The official theory disc i have doesn't tell you the correct answer at the end so sometimes i would have to do the same test 4 times to get them right.

    passed my second. good luck!

    mine were copies lol mine did. you can i beleive google for a free online one that tells you the correct answers at the end.
    good luck


    thik i was lucky i passed both 1st time...


    u cant fail your theory its too easy!!! i passed it twice first time! LOLCATZORZ
    my only guess is u didnt do enogh revision! tut tut
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