AI Roboform Pro

    AI Roboform Pro

    Any good deals for this software?



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    bumpity bump! :giggle:

    hopefully someone can help me and preferably a site to dl the software from that takes switch/is cheaper than the actual roboform site;-)

    As far as I can see this software is only available via internet download.

    The best price I came across to purchase a license was discounted at $23.95 approx £12.50 but I am not sure if vat will be added when you prurchase it, if it was it add approx another £2.25…yes

    Dowload the software here

    EDIT -Got a way to get it a bit cheaper

    go here…ult

    and enter the letters inp on the discount box and it will reduce price to $19.95


    If you install the trial version of roboform then click to unistall it it takes you to their homepage with an offer to have it for free but you have to sign up to a trial from a choice of about 10 different companys. I have done this and it works great I went for the DVD blockbuster trail cost me £7 and i got 5 free dvd rentals for that and also the licence for free to use roboform which you receive straight away as soon as you sign up :>)
    Hope that helps

    Oops just saw jsansoms reply, that looks an even better offer.

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    Cheers guys!!! Thanks so much for the info!

    I actually just uninstalled it thinking i'd be smarter than the roboform people and reinstall it all over again to use the free trial once more(as if) and the offer for the free pro version popped up - I'm gonna go with lovefilm I think. Thanks for letting me know that this offer really is valid and not some scam!

    Cheers again! Repped ya both for being so helpful!

    Edit:jsansom, approx how long did it take to receive the free roboform pro after you took the blockbusters trial?


    Withing a few hours as soon as your credit card is authorised you get sent the code. Its a realy good system :>) Ive had the films and now cancelled the account so works perfect. I was glad to be able to share it with you as well and thanks for the rep points

    I love Roboform and have used it for years....

    Yes its a great program and this way its free

    jsansom thanks for that tip, i will now ditch my "free" version and do it the trial way! Top post!!!
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