Posted 7th Mar 2022
Does anyone have a screenshot of the T&C's from last months AIG deal please? I seem to have lost mine and now can't find the deal. Thanks in advance
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    Hi, see below link to the T&C's for this offer. There are two different T&C's - one for those that purchased between 10th Jan and 7th February and those bought between 8th Feb and 3rd April. The latter specifically makes mention of the £12 reward. Would suggest downloading/ saving a copy of this webpage for reference.
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    Made my 7th payment last week. Still no sign of email regarding the amazon voucher. I started the policy on 5th of Feb and the first payment was taken on 10th of February. As per the terms, they have up to 30 days after the completion of 6 months which is 5th of Sept. So, hopefully I should get something in next 2.5 weeks.
    my next payment is the 20th so i'm expecting that to go out which i'm not bothered about i'm also on the 5th feb so hopefully not long to go now
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    No idea if relevant or not but there's some info archived at
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    I’ve done 6 payments. Any idea what happens now
    I think you need to wait until it is 6 months from the start date of your policy, which could be anywhere between 1 day and 1 month after your 6th payment, depending on when in the month your payments go relative to when your policy started.

    For example, I started my policy on 5th February, but my first payment didn't go until 2nd March. So my 6th payment will go on (or about) 2nd August, but it won't be 6 months from my start date until the 5th August.

    After that you should get an email from, like the earlier one (I got one on 10th February), but that one says "We will send you an email with details of how to claim your Gift Card after you have passed six months, please allow 30 days from this point for delivery of this email." - so in my case that will be 5th August + 30 days = 4th September, so I might end up having to make a 7th payment. But hopefully they will be quicker than the whole 30 days.
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    My 6th payment went out on 6th August. Waiting on the supposed email regarding the £100 Amazon voucher. I got my £100 Amazon voucher from the Legal & General insurance which I paid £6/month for (£36 total). Claimed it just now. (edited)

    Replying to

    I just logged into my Legal & General account and the voucher was waiting for me. Redeemed it on the Amazon app instantly.
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    waiting game now lads
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    PMed you
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    tcf07/03/2022 13:20

    PMed you

    Any chance i could get it too please ?
    The deal got deleted and now im unsure if everyone cancelled or going to try stand their ground with screenshots (edited)
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    Mark_Hickman07/03/2022 14:44

    Any chance i could get it too please ?The deal got deleted and now im …Any chance i could get it too please ?The deal got deleted and now im unsure if everyone cancelled or going to try stand their ground with screenshots

    @Mark_Hickman PMed.
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    Wait for the email I suppose
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    Thought I'd check up on the thread. My 6th payment went out August 6th and no email yet. Who did you guys write to for a response? Could someone drop me a contact info link please?
    Yeah I am same as you contacted customer service 3 times and not one response so would like to know who others have contacted as well.
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    Also would like the T&C's if anyone still has them? Seems they've changed after I applied for the deal.
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    @tcf Please could you help me with a copy of the T and C? The one from the above link mentions a £12 minimum monthly payment which wasn't there originally. Thanks
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    tcf07/03/2022 17:53

    @Mark_Hickman PMed.

    Hi @tcf would you.mind sharing these details with me please if you still have them? I took a screenshot at the time and can't find it since switching phones 🤦‍♂️
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    tcf07/03/2022 13:20

    PMed you

    If you've still got it please could you send me the screenshot. Thanks
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    tcf07/03/2022 13:20

    PMed you

    And chance u still got the Terms and conditions before they changed it pls?
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    Did anyone manage to get the screenshot? If so please share it. Thanks.
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    I'm in the same boat.. applied before the t&c's changed and never thought to screenshot them. I'd be really greatful if @tcf could send them over or if anyone else has a copy please
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    me 4 as well please

    also any chance of a link to original thread ? (edited)
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    I emailed them almost 12 days ago just asking about when the voucher was due I was told on an automated email that someone will be in touch before 5 days so on the 7th day emailed again still no response so there customer service is not up to any good
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    Has anyone had an email regard the voucher?
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    Just paid my 6th months premium wonder when I get the email
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    6 months payment today…now what
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    i took the policy out 5th feb 6th payment went out on the 23 july so i guess i'm also looking at the 5th of september by the latest \it does look likely they will take a seventh payment but i'm not too bothered about that.

    it doesn't give me great confidence when i hear that emails are taking weeks to be answered the number of emails they get will increase over the next 30 days
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    Made my 6th payment on the 28th of July. Stiill no £100 redemption email yet. I'll re-post if I receive anything in the next 30 days.
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    we all signed up and made payments around the same time

    i imagine once one person gets the email lots of others will follow i'm still not 100% sure we won't have to fight for this
    i'm hoping not as it was a pretty straight forward offer until they updated the t&c
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    Made my 6th payment and not got anything
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    not sure if this was how it was worded before but it says 30 working days i didn't notice the working days before just 30 days

    this probably means they won't think anything is late until day 35 or 36 days rather than the 30 i assumed

    its not a huge difference but just adds afew more days if no voucher is sent.
    They definitely amended that recently, see screenshot above no mention of working days, just 30 days. (edited)
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