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    This Hot weather is driving me mad , tried B&Q and Homebase they seemed to have sold out and only have an air cooler left which are totally rubbish.

    Anyone know of a decent Air con at a good price? as most retailers are taking advantage of the heat and boosting prices up .

    Wished i brought one in winter now


    Hi Andy. I posted this one the other day, but it went unnoticed, maybe it wasn't such a good price as I thought it was. Anyway, check it out yourself and see.


    Hi Andy, I have the same one Emma suggested, it is really good. I got it from Tesco for £150. It was the cheapest I could find it.

    Both our local B&Q depots had units left yesterday. If you have one near you it'd be worth a quick call to see if they have any left.

    I'd also check Argos online to see if any local store have any.

    Around October last year B&Q were selling aircon units off for £75 each. I wish I'd stockpiled some to sell on!

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    Thanks guys , im a student and work pt so still seems a tad bit expensive to me , plus i dont really like white .. perfer to have a silver one.

    Mind you all ive done on Hotdeals is spend .....think i need a break from it lol ibrought loads of things i have not even used yet.

    Maybe ill just have to wait for winter for the prices to come down and get ready for next year

    Could of done with the one for £75 from B&Q though i remember this offer but i didnt go grab one at the time

    I did try argos but when i put it in my basket there out of stock , only the £300+ are in stock for delivery only and that says upto 28 days for delivery.

    Just grab a desk fan or two Andy, they're very helpful as well...

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    Yep i have 2 fans blasting but it just feels like its blowing warm air on to me lol

    Saw wall mounted aircon 12000 BTU at Wickes today for a penny short of 300 quid. This one requires installation but anyone who know hammer from drill should be able to do it
    Not sure whether price is any good though.

    I have 2 floor standing ac units, one from B&Q and one from Homebase. Both are now 3yrs old. The Homebase one is so much more efficient than the other even though both are 14k btu.
    If I were to buy now I would go for the split units where one half is mounted outside on the wall. Having the condenser inside the room your trying to cool is a bit self defeating as it generates heat so the floor standing ones are a compromise of portability against efficiency.
    Dont forget also that they need a window to poke the exhaust hose out of and that in itself means the hot air going out and some also coming back in unless you either seal round the opening or fit a proper duct tube in a hole in the wall just for the aircon.

    Beware of some of the split units as they require professional install which will cost at least £100 for the pipework and gassing, plus remember with split units of any sort you will require an electric supply to the outside unit.

    Prices for both portable and fixed units are held artificially high in this country during the few summer months we do have, so try to look for what you need when the winter starts and prices tumble, if you can manage that long

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    [SIZE=2]Went to finally buy the one you said Emma and they now sold out [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]My B&Q and HOmebase have none at all even sold out of fans .... grrr[/SIZE]


    [SIZE=2]Went to finally buy the one you said Emma and they now sold out … [SIZE=2]Went to finally buy the one you said Emma and they now sold out [/SIZE][SIZE=2]My B&Q and HOmebase have none at all even sold out of fans .... grrr[/SIZE]

    AW NO WAY!

    Sorry :oops:

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    I brought this one is this a good price :


    Its says it was £499 reduced to £399 here and they sold out


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    Anyone know? Actually feel guilty spending this much ,plus i just seen some reviews on amazon and they say its quite noisy etc.

    I would like a quiet one is there such a thing?

    Do you u know if i refuse delivery will i get a full refund? would driver give me proof that i refused? as im having second thoughts.

    I some times buy things on a wim and dont really think about it ,hence i have tons of stuff i dont even use :eek:

    I just cant stop buying things , i see it, i want it , i get it ,i dont want it anymore.... Same as my love life really LOL

    i think all AC units are noisy mate

    mine is, got it from B&Q last year, used it once when i used it and has been in storage untill the last couple weeks where it has been a god send.

    only trouble is they dry the air so expect a little dry/sore throat now and again, and have said above they are qute noisey, although these days they might be more quiter!
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