Air conditioners - Cheap please :)


    Seriously though, it was 32 degrees in my office today all day - I went through 4 litres of water - Anyone know where I can get a decent quality aircon? Preferably where I can pick it up and have it running tomorrow -

    I know, this will effectively kill off the summer for everyone, but I might get work done rather than just dripping on my keyboard.

    10,000 BTU+ I guess - though I dunno much about them..


    How cheap is cheap though? I don't have much experience of these things either. I'll start us off with this one from dixons:

    Carlton Ecs1000H Air Conditioner

    50% off
    was £149.99
    now £74.99

    Where: >>>[color=blue][/color]

    Original Poster

    I'm not sure what the "evaporative coolers" are, or whether they really keep things much cooler..

    Thanks for that though - I guess I'm not going to get much discounted as I want to pick something up today.

    7am in the house and I had all the windows open trying to cool the place down!

    If it is evaporative cooler (which is not clear from their description, btw) then it has nothing to do with air conditioning. Evaporative coolers are like humidifiers AFAIK.

    i'd hate to have a humidifier running in summer!......

    Check the wikipedia articles on air conditioners and evaporative coolers.

    Anyhow, you have to let you line manager know the temperature is uncomfortable. It's health & safety - the workplace must be kept at a "reasonably comfortable temperature" and the only way this can be measured is if you say you are uncomfortable. They have to at least supply local cooling, probably a fan, but if more than 25% of the workforce complain (15% for air conditioned offices) about the temperature then they have to do a risk assessment. Increased fatigue, lower productivity, exacerbated medical conditions etc. may mean extra things need to be done.

    Some good info from Mr.velvet there.

    But the dixons one says "Air Conditioner" in the title, so it must be an air conditioner rather than an evaporative cooler, or they would get "done" under the sale of goods act...I think.

    Anyway, it says under the product spec that it is best in a room 3m squared, whereas in the main page it says 32m squared - bit of a discrepancy there.

    If anyone is interested in this, I would recommend phoning them to clarify any queries you may have.

    On top of Dixon's page (header) it says: CARLTON ECS1000H EVAPORATIVE COOLER, so it is uncertain whether this device is cooler or aircon.
    Also, room of 3 sq m is a bit small, you know. Something like a loo.

    Oh, and I am so pleased with my aircon I bought it just after Christmas - 8000 BTU for 50 quid.

    what was the make and model of your air con Kommunist?

    was it a one off deal?

    Mine one is B&Q branded. It is portable unit so I can wheel it to any room as long as said room got window or some other way to put exhaust pipe outside.
    I posted information about sale here, but as usual it went unnoticed

    I suppose just after Christmas noone was looking for air-con.

    Yeah, clever time to buy. Thanks Kommunist. Karma+1

    Just a quick one this IS Not A Air Con Unit but the lower end cooler / heater where u need to add Ice packs into it to get your cold Air.....Perhaps i c a legal case against Dixons..??????...

    You don't need to add ice - only if you want it colder.

    An evaporative cooler works by blowing air over a wet sponge-type material. Because the water evaporates, heat is drawn away which cools the element and the air being blown out - think, if you put water onto your hand and blow on it.

    The main downside is it also acts as a humidifier - not great for high-humidity offices or places with lots of electonics. However, it is a very cost-effective way of colling a place down, also seeing as most offices have very low humidity anyway (normally 35-45%) - you should be aiming for about 50-60% otherwise you (skin and eyes) tend to dry out.

    Not to be a pain i do belive the person asked for a Air Conditioning unit to keep the heat down This unit is not a Air Conditioning unit in fact these units are a wast of time and im speaking from experiance here. If you want to spend all day freezing ice packs/loading with ice cubes/Filling with cold water then thats great. If you want Air Conditioning then your best off buying the right thing.

    Original Poster

    Well, I think Kommunist had the best idea - buy one 6 months ago. I went against the idea of the evaporative cooler (they do cool technically by the way, but not enough to really make a good difference).

    Why I didn't go to my line manager is that, erm, that's me.. Ever the health and safety bod - I went to homebase and picked up one of their £200 quid 12,000 BTU units.. I now have local butchers asking to hang their meat in my office!

    For what it's worth - homebase seemed to have the best deals - £169 for the 8,000 unit and £239 for a cooler/heater with remote. On 10% day (which I couldn't wait for), they'd have been great.

    Thanks for the help...

    Can anyone see anything reasonable priced but proper "air con"? Im looking for one now as my hayfever is such a pain, and i cant have the window open at night! Thanks!
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