Air Conditioning for a conservatory 700 is just too much!

    guys need some help. I need an ac unit for a conservatory which are through the wall types see below. The only one i have found is as below which is very expensive especially as homebase has portable ones @200 ukp!

    anyone know where i should checkout to find better value stuff?

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    Comfyair air conditioning unit 1600btu Brand: Comfyair £699.99
    Quantity:…gif Comfyair units are availabe in 2 sizes ensuring the right model for your needs they contain Sanyo and Toshiba components, carry a CE mark, are operated by remote control and have 24-hour timers.

    The model on offer is MWD16

    Quiet operation design
    Hi-efficiency and power saving
    Deodorising filter
    Mould proof filter
    Airflow direction design
    Liquid crystal display wireless remote control
    Automatic operation mode
    24 hour on/off real setting timer
    Sleep mode auto control

    Auto restart
    1year limited warranty


    Have you checked B&Q?
    They have something like ]THIS which looks a bargain at just £249.

    Their website only shows a small percentage of stock available in store, so would be worth having a look down your local. Bare in mind that this weekend is B&Q's busiest of the year.

    Be careful when buying aircon units, especially for conservatorys with large amounts of glass.
    I think you meant 16000BTU as 1600btu wouldnt cut it ;-)

    The mobile units for around £200 are ok but normally around 12000btu and will struggle with all that glass.

    A split unit like above would be best, just make sure you take advice on sizing (btu) before purchase and bear in mind that some need to be installed by a pro or you need to borrow a pump to gass it up correctly.

    The all in one through window types are less popular in the UK than in say Asia, hence the prices £7-900 for 16 to 18k btu. Google for Fujitsu ones as they are reliable.

    Hi,I have a large conservatory - 18 x 12 feet and spreads over the back of the house. I use it as a playroom (childminder).
    I don't have an air con, but open all windows and door in hot weather.
    I do put garden fleece up(cut to fit) over the windows to stop flys comming in
    and have a fly screen on the door.
    I use the conservatory all year round. In winter I put an electric heater on and in very hot weather an electric fan that stands on the floor.

    Best wishes Julie
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