air conditioning unit for home office

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Found 17th Jun
What air conditioning units are people using for home office. Is anything out there that's good enough for around £200 any help from someone who's got one that's decent would be a great help


At £200 pricepoint your choice for any solution approaching real air-conditioning is limited, and likely to be predominently evaporative coolers with water / ice tanks that start from around £60. Quasi-air-condtioners with hoses to vent warm air to outside typically start from £180 - £200, and of course requires a suitable window to accommodate the vent hose and assumes the outside ambient air temperature is notably lower than the indoor temperature (to over-simplify: warm air out induces replacement air in). Random examples to give you at least a penny change from your budget…00e and…256 . Check the window kits will suit your application.

Leave your car running outside and pipe its aircon in through a air brick?

We got one from B&Q some years back. Airforce brand. Don't stock now though. Thought I seen one in homebase for sale so go look. Venting the hot air from air conditioning is the biggest problem . The supplied window kit is rubbish so you really need a hole in the wall.


Leave your car running outside and pipe its aircon in through a air brick?

It is still nearly 30C here (and 1:20 am); I am thinking about going out and SLEEPING in the car; just plug in the charger, so the ac doesnt run the battery flat.
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