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    I'm looking to find an Air Cooler / Air conditioner for my bedroom. I've been searching for a while now and came accross one on ebay for £70.

    The advert reads:

    Evaporative Air Cooler

    This auction is for a brand new Evaporative air cooler that will cool air within you room by 30%. No need for Hose or vent, just plug into your wall, so you don't have the hose hanging out the window. Air Coolers are fantastic for the summer and at a reasonable cost, you can sleep better and feel better with these units.

    They work by drawing fresh air from a partially opened door or window and cooling it naturally by passing it over cold water soaked pads and using a high power fan to distribute, much cooler fresh air. Image a fridge that has a fan to cool you down!

    This unit has a remote control to adjust the fan and settings.

    Specification & Benefits

    Quite output

    Healthy Clean air

    Reduce room temperatue by up to 30%

    No need for external Vents and doesnt require a hose

    This unit has wheels for easy moving

    Adjustable Air vents

    Weight- 14Kg

    Dimensions- 88cm Height x 38cm wide x 44cm deep.

    If you have any further questions please send me and email.

    Thanks for looking!…JPG

    Just wondering what your opinions were on it as i don't really know what to look out for.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help


    That wont be very good. In order to cool a room, the warmer air must be removed, therefore some exhaust is needed. B+Q were doing wall mounted ones last year (for quite a lot about £400 I think) which they then reduced massively. They are the best type to have, but they require quite a bit of fitting and there is a bit of stuff to go on the outside wall of the house

    I bought one that uses a vent pipe, and I move the hot air into the hall at the moment so I can cool the bedroom - the vent could go out the window easily enough, or be mounted like a dryer to a hole in the wall. Argos seems to have some decent options for freestanding air conditioners. I found this one for £169.95 + I think about £5.00 delivery:…htm
    I went with this one though:…411 as it had a heater and remote control.
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