air crash investigation series

    does anyone know if you can get each series on DVD i think theres 7 series altogether, a new series has just started on national geographic channel but i dont have it, ive had a quick look but cant seem to find any boxsets or anything like that ive seen a few with single episodes on, or can you watch them online anyway im sure last year it was on channel 4 i remember watching some on on demand with virgin.


    i used to love watching this.. have you tried googling mayday as i think thats what it was officially called
    .. im the same as you iv just seen the odd three disc boxset knocking about

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    i love it aswel, find it interesting but its put me off flying again lol ive just been looking at the mayday dvd its got 10 episodes on, i might see if my partner will try and download all the series for me as i think theres loads of episodes altogether.

    well im flying a 9 hour flight in 8 weeks lol so il watch it when i get back !! really good series and if they dont do the dvd,s they really should

    Just stay away from night flights.daytime is much safer

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    im staying away from all flights for a while lol, i wudnt mind but just payed to renew my passport which i wont be needing for a long time. i think recently theres been quite a few plane accidents mainly small planes and my partner always says theres so many more car accidents than plane accidents which is true but the thought of being on a plane so high up and knowing you probably wudnt survive if anything happens scares me. but i find the programmes so interesting and cant help but want to watch them lol
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