Posted 4th Jan 2023 (Posted 37 m ago)

My skin is driving me mad so thought an air humidifier may help. Can anyone recommend one for a very small office please?
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    Have you checked the humidity levels and confirmed the air is actually too dry? And if it’s only slightly then maybe the use of skin moisturising creams or simply something like drying a towel on the radiator in that room would be enough to boost humidity levels?

    Any humidifier that’s going to do a meaningful job even in a small room is going to have to be a fair size. If you use tap water you’re going to find that you need to keep cleaning it out, and that you get a white powdery coating on all the surfaces around it, and eventually they do just get really gross with things like mould unless you’re constantly keeping on top of regular and thorough cleaning.

    If you do need one then Levoit are my go-to brand for anything to do with air treatment whether that’s humidification, dehumidification, or air purifiers. You can find their range on Amazon. Although you have just missed a sale I think.
    Thanks for the info - it's only a very small office with no actual radiator, just a small dodgy fan to keep the room warm. I'm just concerned that it's drying up my scalp which is already knackered!
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    Just for you in a small room? A bowl of boiling water will bring up the humidity.
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