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    Does anyone a good general air miles or points scheme? I travel overseas every other month to different destinations and with different airlines (whichever is cheapest) and feel as though I'm missing a trick.


    Best way is via credit card signed ups if you want to collect avios or Virgin .

    Depends what you're looking to do with the miles and where you want to go

    I have Virgin , It has pros n cons. Despite having a huge reduction I can usually find cheaper flights elsewhere. The only time it pays is when using it for upgrade seats.Virgin miles can also be used with other organisations such as eurostar , hotels or things like hot air ballooning etc.

    avios is good, Virgin is the worst of them all which is bad for me as I fly with them several times a year.

    Yes read HeadforPoints. If you collect Avios you can join all the Oneworld airlines on the scheme. The problem with Virgin is they don't fly to as many destinations and they have no shorthaul offerings.

    Collect points not just from flying but with your shopping. You can upgrade, get free flights or buy other things with Avios. But HeadforPoints is the place to go. There is a specific "university" thread about how to collect Avios.

    Once you start it will become easier to understand.

    I have been a frequent traveller many years doing over 200k miles a year until scaling down recently. The trick is to stay with the same airline and same hotel chain putting all your spend on the same credit card. However, this isn't cheap so if lowest cost is your main requirement, you will have to forget about points as chances are that your preferred airline wouldn't be the one with the cheapest ticket.

    Secondly, airlines are notorious for devaluing the points almost every year and if you keep on accumulating them in the hope that you will use them all at once for one big holiday, you will soon realise you are not getting much. Flying out of the UK is also very expensive thanks to the APD.

    In my opinion, the air miles game that actually benefitted passengers was over a few years ago.

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    thanks for the suggestions. looks like time to research Avios.
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