Posted 30th Dec 2022 (Posted 34 m ago)
Hi all, I’m in the hunt for an air purifier to help with a parents emphysema. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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    I'm not clued up on their condition or how much an air purifier will help, but Levoit air purifiers are the one I would always point people to. I've got a Levoit Core Mini in the box room/office and a Levoit Core 200s in the bedroom.

    Low power to run, quiet in terms of fain noise, very effective at clearing the air of dust or even different smells, proper HEPA Filters unlike some cheaper mystery brand ones that you find online, and filters are cheap to buy genuine replacements of as well as being available for many years.
    Koda is spot on. Dust particle removal & hepa filters would be your "key" specifications.
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    Don't think an air purifier would help with emphysema? I don't have proof it won't help, but I wouldn't spend much money on it.
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