Air tyre machines at petrol stations - what do they charge?

Posted 3rd Aug 2022
My local Morrisons is now 50p, used to me 20p.
It made me wonder what prices other petrol stations charge for air (minimum spend)?
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    The attendant told me it was INFLATION.
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    I bought a rechargeable inflator for £30 - most places seem to be £1 nowadays, so it'll soon pay for itself, plus it's more convenient.
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    Would also buy one of these to be the most accurate when checking tyre pressure.

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    Sainsburys was free, not anymore
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    Sainsburys 20p tesco is 30p or 50p don't remember and some places £1 or £2
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    Obviously supply chain issues caused by Brexit, Covid and Ukraine have had an affect on air prices...
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    Just get one of these @ £12.64…K6S47952398-HuJwC.jpgPay for itself after 25 trips to pump up your tyres at Morrisons. (edited)
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    Thanks for replies. Over the years I have purchased tyre inflators that plugged into the cigarette lighter port, but they always die after a few years. The last 1, I got from Asda quite a few years ago, lasted about 8 uses worth. I did get my money back, but it put me off buying another, and was happy paying 20p now and again.

    It’s crazy they’re charging over 50p at some places, I think 50p is more than enough!
    Have a look at the one at Lidl now, it's £15. I have the same one and have had it for around 7 years. Still going strong.
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    They’ll start charging for water next assuming they don’t already.

    If they could can and resell a fart - they would
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    Sainsburys used to be free but haven't used it for some time
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    I purchased a inflator to use at home years ago after most places went pay :-(
    Only thing I would say though is that many of the gauges show more pressure than they actually are so might also be worth investing in a digital gauge to check the pressures too.

    I wouldn't mind paying 10 or 20p each time if say half the money was going to charity then at least you would know your helping..... but hey thats never going to happen
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    What psi do people use these days ? I usually run 34 but they always look flat still
    Need to check the requirements for your car/tyres/load/front vs back

    Sure years ago I was looking about 25psi but I think current car is I think 36 or 38 at the front
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    £1 for 5 minutes when I used one at my nearest Petrol Station this morning
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    On the topic of air pressure, does anyone know/are there any mechanics on here?? reason for air pressure going down too much, within last three months twice going down to 20 when should be 36/38, 2 local garages have checked for puncture and couldn’t find anything
    thanks in adv
    We had this problem with two cars, and it is caused because hubby keeps hitting the curb and damaging the wheel rim!
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    Thanks for all the above replies, has given me some idea
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    Tyre pressure being more than 10% under or over increases chances of an accident and can *kill you* because it affects braking, steering and handling in a bad way - and even more so if vs another tyre on the same axle.

    First thing traffic cops do after a serious accident is check tyre pressure of the bandit vehicle/s - and if one or more is over 10% out driver is that vehicle is in the frame regardless of who made a mistake first.

    Big chain petrol stations get their air gauges checked regularly, so I always go there. Not so sure about smaller garages esp with obviously poorly maintained and tatty air equipment - and of course gauges you buy are never tested and can be wildly inaccurate, and only marginally better than simply looking at tyres.

    If you value your life and of course that of others make sure all tyres are at correct pressure including the spare!
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    Used morrisons tyre inflater today and it said 50p but my bank says its going to be £1
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