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Posted 29th Apr 2018
Anyone use airbnb and know what we can do regarding expired booking request? We decided to book 5 days in a Devon apartment. We messaged host and they replied quickly to questions and we said we would book which they agreed. So we requested a booking and heard nothing for 24h. Now booking has expired and the dates we want can't be booked by anyone else (blocked) we can't contact host unless we inquire about different dates we don't want, or should we? Host has lost points I see because the never responded. Guess we got no choice but to find somewhere else but a real pain. Dose this sort of thing happen a lot on airbnb?
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I might risk staying with someone who's communication skills are so poor if it was maybe for a few days due to work, but I wouldn't let a holidays sucess be held in the balance by someone who don't respond.

There is a slight chance that they've decided they don't want to host anyone during those dates now, or they specifically don't want to host you, or they've coincidentally booked someone else in for those exact dates instead of you.
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if there canceled,the host does get fined and this is the risk with air bandb.

also try to look for super host, tho mine super host didn't reply too the day and everything went oka and ,one who didn't have to many review's canceled and messed it up, try looking on, for cheaper place's,i find a cheap caravan park when staying near nequary
and if there cancel, there aint allowed to rebook them dates
jonmarz893 h, 21 m ago

and if there cancel, there aint allowed to rebook them dates

It sounds like a booking wasn't quite made, so nothing to cancel at that point. If it's not an instant book and the owner doesn't respond you just automatically get declined after a while.
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