Airfryer for a big family

Posted 29th Apr

I am currently thinking of purchasing an airfryer (for a family of 6 people). Any recommendation form amazon for a good price.

Thank you
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Have a look at some real reviews on the internet, air fryers are not that great. I doubt any of them will be able to do 6 portions at once ( they might claim to but if you fill them to much it doesn't cook properly) and the results are not very good.
I have a 5.5l airfryer which is big, but 6 is a lot of people though depends on their size I suppose.
It cooks very well, I do roast joints/pies/fish/chips etc all turn out well.
I have this one.…c=1
3 mins to warm up, cooks quicker than a standard fan oven.
Just to add the one I have is very big overall not just in capacity.
I keep in the cupboard but will fit on worktop if needed but preferably wants going in the corner.
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I used my tefal airfryer about 4 or 5 times. So awkward to use. Went back to using the oven. Must say though, my slow cooker gets used a lot more.
Lol not what you want to hear but get 2 or just make in smaller batches.

I wouldn't be able to use a normal fryer for 6 never mind an air fryer
My opinion is different to 666fu, I think they are great and plenty of lovers out there, also loads of tips / recipe ideas etc.

Anyway, you said you want one so advice..... As fearona says, even a big one will struggle for 6 people. My mum uses 2 just for 3 people. I've got a Philips xl, can do a decent meal for 1.

It depends on what your intended use is? I can do a whole meal, for example, 1 large chicken breast, portion of baby new potatoes, portion of mushrooms and a chopped pepper. That's a nice meal for one and will fill the basket.

If you cook things separate, a small to medium chicken will just about fit. Cook that and veg on hob then you'll manage for 3 to 4 ish

If just for chips (what a waste) then you'll manage just about 3 to 4 portions in one large basket.

For anyone else bored of the healthy options, try a cheese toastie in one or bacon
dont think there is a fryer big enough to fit a family of 6.

The one have the basket size is 9" x 9" X 4.5"
Good size, I have roasted a chicken/beef joints/gammon etc in there with great results, after all it's just a small fan oven which is quicker and cheaper to run than a full size oven.
Have tefal 4.2 l on big enough for 2/3. Honestly not impressed by them.
Like all have said none of them are big enough. I looked at the Ninja but it’s big on the outside but not so on the inside. I’ve got a Tefal XL love it but the capacity whilst big is still poor. At some stage I’ll probably buy another
We have a Philips XL and it is about right for two . For best results we don't fill more than half . We love our air fryer and it gets used virtually every day. Have even cooked a small joint and roast potatoes for Sunday lunch in our caravan.
Cisco06060630/04/2020 09:47

Philip airfryer xxl …Philip airfryer xxl too expensive to me....

That's Philips biggest one and buying direct from them is generally far more expensive. Although, there had been times they had sales and discount codes that made them cheap, else normal retailers far cheaper.

I have the xl as Yorkie mentions and I think it was about 150 ish Air fryer xl

Edit ps mum has this same Philips but got the tefal easy fry as her second one and really rates that, was down to about £80 recently.
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