I have quite a few thousand airmiles in my account my sister wants to buy them how much are they worth?



    Stupid lazy question.

    Buy them? She's your sister give them for free you stingy!

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    $6.32Stupid lazy question.


    Buy them? She's your sister give them for free you stingy!

    Thanks for your inputs if you have no answer to my question please refrain from posting thanks.

    Sell them for £1 per mile.8)

    Charging your sister for something you got for free....strong life choice

    one millllion dollars!


    i have some half price copys of the big issue got off a frozen to death homeless relative any interest?

    [email protected] tears from op

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    Great comeback now i am laughing at you go and troll in somebody elses thread bye.

    Thread backfire

    Good night

    its costs 750 air miles for a single ticket to zone 1 - Paris = so 1500 for a return to paris I would work it out at a normal flight to paris would be say £150 so if would sell them for half the price = 50p per mile
    Airiles are seeling them at the moment for buy 400 get 75 free or something like that and 400 cost - I think £80 not too sure on that but check the airmiles site


    one millllion dollars! :P

    no. wait. 100 billion dollars!

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