AirMiles How to get them?

Found 30th Aug 2007
i was wondering how the system works tried google but found nothing relevant?
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Tesco are in the sceme.


I'm pretty sure google would have picked it up !!
LloydsTSB Airmiles duo card is good earner too:thumbsup:

Tesco are in the sceme. ]'m pretty sure google would … Tesco are in the sceme. ]'m pretty sure google would have picked it up !!

"Air Miles UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of British Airways and operates as a separate entity.
It offers earning and spending opportunities on a selection of airlines and retail outlets. Air Miles can be earned with purchases from more than 90 outlets, including Tesco, House of Fraser and Shell - and with any payment made with a NatWest or Royal Bank of Scotland credit card." -

Airmiles are points system that gives you discount on flights - money off, upgrades and free flights.

When you are collecting airmiles you have to consider your spending habits.

if are not a frequent flyer with Virgin, BA, then its worth going to - They are loads of partners, but its harder to rack up points - on avrage you will get 1point for every £5 you spend... but they have wide range of places you can collect points from.

If you do fly regularly and use BA for example (fly thoughout Europe and the world , while virgin is good for transatlantic) its worth opting for BA air miles - you will bet more points on flights, there are some benefits:
1. Miles on flights - note if you fly economy you get about 20% of the miles, but if you fly business or upper class, then its easy to rack up the points
2. BA has partners, other airlines, hotels, shops, and popular internet/household shops that you can claim BA points on - SEE FULL LIST HERE:…_gb
3. BA only has a airmiles credit card - for every pound you spend you get 1 point on the Free card or 3 points (you have to pay £150 per year, but it has benefits) on the premium card. You also get double points if you use your credit card on BA Flights. You will earn more airlines with BA card than say LTSB.

All in all if you want to use airmiles then you must COMMIT, use your credit card, rather than debit card on all purchases, direct debit etc... Pay it back on time so that you don't incur any charges for stuff and pay it back (don't spend what you don't have) and try to shop using the BA shopping portal, so you get all your airmile.

Obviously you can use Virgin (who i also fly with as its good airline and sometimes cheaper), they have a similar scheme, Credit Card and partners. Emirates airline also has an airmiles program called Skywards.

I find BA fly's to more destination (i go around Europe allot), has more partners that i shop and fly with. I collect enough points for a big holiday every year!! Only by using all their services, otherwise it’s really hard.

RECAP, you need to consider: who you will fly with most? Do you shop with their partners, are you prepared to use their credit card? REMEMBER you must commit, the way they make money is when people think its good to collect airmiles, so they start collecting spending money on service half heartedly – in the end they don’t rack up the points or don't use up their mile on discounts and flights because they don't have enough points for a flights.

Here are some good links:
1. BA -…_gb
2. Virgin -…jsp
2. Emeriates - SkyWards -…spx
4. [url][/url]

Hope this helps, GOOD Luck!
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