Airpod pro or Sony's. ( I can get both for free which one should I get)

Posted 7th Feb
I can get only of these for free. (won a competition)

I dont wish to sell it, which one should I get as I want to keep
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I feel like the songs are the best for price but if they are both free :/
AirPods if you are apple user or Sony If you are android
Which Sony do you mean? They make loads of products so it's hard to tell.
Wf 1000 mx3s

The ones which are 179
Air pod pro are £249..,
mezmister07/02/2020 16:38

Does that mean they are better

No. There is the usual Apple premium.
mezmister07/02/2020 16:38

Does that mean they are better

no but you could sell them and buy others and have money left over, common sense, but in fact they are better as well.
I would go for the AirPods Pro. They are brilliant! Just my opinion
If you are in the apple ecosystem then airpods pro. If you have android, sony. If you just want good wireless headphones for audio without much phone link then sony has been voted better by many reviews and audiophiles
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