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    Right me and my other half are going to vegas to get married next april 10 nights followed by 10 nights in hawaii.... what i need issome info! i live in brum so will be traveling down to and flying from gatwick then 3 weeks later will fly back but into heathrow so was thinking of driving down but how would we work it in terms of airport parking as i dont know where to start????? Thanks


    You could part at LGW then catch one of the frequent National Express coaches from LHR to LGW on the way back.

    For parking I use Airparsk or purple parking.

    I advise you to drive to LHR and catch the coach to gatwick. I would be too tired to get a coach to LGW.

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    thanks for that? is it far between airports?

    Well the cheapest way would be park at APH Gatwick ]http//ww…htm Its for AA members but there is no checking. Have used it more than 20 times. Then book some national express seats from Heathrow to Gatwick.

    About 1:15ish.. coaches run every 10/15 minutes or so.

    Or Drive To LHR and get the train to paddingtion, Liverpool i fink and get another train to gatwick might be expensive

    Brum to Gatwick is a long drive, dependent on where you are it must be 4 hours. The train to Gatwick from Brum is about 2.45 hrs and slightly less from Heathrow. Dependent on when you are travelling the train is sure to be the cheapest option especially if you book early enough (compared to parking)

    The last thing you want after a long flight is approx 1.40 (with waiting) from Heathrow to Gatwick, a futher bus or taxi to your off airport parking, followed by at least 4 hours dirving.

    Train is defo the way to go.
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