Airport Passenger Tax £20 | £40

    Ive just received an mail message from Virgin Atlantic asking me to pay the additional Airport Passenger tax of £20. Now my argument or disagreement is I booked and paid in full the tickets back in June 2006. Is it fair is it legal. Now do I pay before I get to the airport or wait till I am there. Should I wait to see how thing transpire over the first week of February, I dont travel till the 6th. Any thoughts or ideas of how I can avoid this government back door taxation. :-(


    You can't !!!

    It will be in the terms & conditions when you booked. If you dont pay it, they can cancel your booking & you will lose your seat !!

    I had to pay an extra £10 for 2 seats I booked on a Easyjet flight for March.........I booked it last year

    Most airlines are saying that if you do not pay in advance they will stop you travelling.

    All of the airlines and travel industry are furious about the government increasing the APD and also the short notice they have done it with. Most of the travel industry is currently lobbying the government regarding this but so far it hasn't got them very far as the increase is being introduced on 1 February. The only airline I know of that is absorbing the increase for flights that were booked in advance of the announcement is BA. The other say that they cannot afford to absorb it, mind you after the cabin crew strikes BA may change their mind about this!

    There is absolutely no way that you can avoid this extra taxation, if it is not paid then airlines will not let you travel.

    I have had to pay it for 2 different flights that I booked in November not at all happy about it but nothing I can do so have paid up!
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