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Posted 24th Oct
So I recently heard about this app called the airtime rewards that collects you points every time you shop and then it pays your mobile bill? I’m confused and how can this be true?
Does anybody use this? Is it real? Can I trust with my bank acc because it says it has to view my transactions?
And what is their benefit from this?
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I use this after it was advertised on the O2 website. I’ve had no issues and it build up fairly quickly. Once you reach £5, I think, you can “withdraw” it to be deducted from your bill. It works in a similar to Quidco/ TCB etc
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I'm not sure about Voxi, but it works with Giffgaff, so would think so. My code is EMXJV964.
I've been using Airtime Rewards for a year or more now.

Accumulated over £70 in phone credit in that time. And have £30 sitting waiting to complete since they put 10% Morrisons on (always take £50 cashback everytime, get paid a fiver for spending your own money)

The permission you give is for them to obtain transaction activity that matches their captures from your card issuer. No direct bank account access required. Just the long card number.

It can be hit and miss for offers, some months you can really fire on high volumes of cashback, others they sit at 1% or 2%

I assume that the transaction amounts and your location data are useful to someone, and that's how they make their money. They can show for example that my spend in Morrisons is at least £50 higher than without their incentives! That's gotta be data both they and Morrisons can use for something.

You can also gift the credit you build up, so can pay into different networks from the one account adding every card from the one household to one Airtime Account generates the highest number of transactions.

Believe it works with every network except Sky Mobile at the moment. Their CS is also pretty quick to reply to any questions or issues.

They also run the QPark rewards app, similar levels of cashback but can be paid out as vouchers rather than billing credit.
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