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Airtime rewards (cash to card option)

Posted 2nd Jun 2022
Hi folks.
I tried redeeming £10 but I was not able to see the option with any providers!

Cash to card option seems to be gone……

Any ideas?
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    I thought it could only be used for mobile phone credit ?
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    There was an option to get it on a card when there was a screw up with one of the providers, but having just looked at mine, the only options are airtime or pass to another member (which is a nice idea)
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    Is there anyone who has redeemed on O2 PAYG and can tell me how it works? Do you know if you redeem for O2 PAYG - whether you get a credit voucher which can be applied to any O2 PAYG phone or is it only applied to the actual number linked to the account? My main phone is Voxi which is not supported, but I have a couple of O2 PAYG classic sims for the priority benefits - can I claim an O2 PAYG redemption and apply it to any O2 PAYG phone? Do you get sent a credit voucher code or do you just get credit onto the specific number specified in the redemption?
    ok i have now redeemed some Airtime rewards to o2 payg - they do not send you any voucher code or anything for o2 - once the redemption is marked as completed I logged into MY02 account and saw that the balance had increased by £10. It was all done in a matter of minutes. In contrast I also redeemed a seperate number to Lebara PAYG - for that one I was sent a voucher code to input online/in the app and then my balance was increased by the £10 voucher amount. So it seems to be a different process for different networks.
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    Want to know the above as well .
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