Airtime Rewards - Morrisons transactions not tracking

Posted 15th Mar 2022
I've been using Airtime Rewards for a while and never had this problem before with any retailer, but not a single one of my Morrisons transactions have tracked through my linked First Direct Mastercard debit card - we're taking over a dozen eligible purchases over the past few weeks. My wife has a Visa debit card and all of her transactions from the same period have tracked on her Airtime without any issues. I've also got my card linked to my work's Perks scheme and having the same issue there - not a single tracked Morrisons transaction, so it seems to be the combination of Morrisons and this particular card that's causing the issue. Anyone else having the same problem?

I messaged Airtime last week but haven't had a reply. I know I have the option to manually raise a missing transaction ticket but I would have to do this individually for each transaction which is a bit of a faff as they ask for screenshots of bank statements/receipts and the address of the store for each one.
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