Posted 16th Jul 2022
I use airtime rewards but I’m on Lebara monthly which, I’ve only just discovered, I can’t use my airtime rewards cash back for.
Wasn’t a problem before because I simply cashed out via virgin. But now option to withdraw money to bank account has gone, I never top up my Lebara account. No need with my monthly bundle.
So what are others doing with cashback received in airtime rewards if you can’t put it towards your phone bill?
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    PayPal mate - just message them and they’ll transfer to a PayPal address for you
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    Send it to a friend / family
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    I’ve had the same problem with being unable to credit my BT mobile. You can either withdraw to one of your registered cards or request a credit to PayPal - max £30 a month
    I asked support this a few times and they state I can only gift it to others
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    An alternative could be pay it towards someone's bill instead of a physical gift.
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    I think they only allow you to pay to bank account or paypal if your network was originally supported but is no longer supported - eg Virgin. I have also asked and all they say is you can gift it to friends or family. I too am now with Lebara - and they dont allow it on their monthly plans.
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