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    Right - I'm hoping a HUKD tech genius can help me.

    iOS 4.2 has added AirPlay to the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. The blurb on the Apple site says you can stream music and videos from any of these devices to an AirPort Express or Apple TV unit.

    My question is; how? Is it:

    1) Streams directly between the two devices
    2) Streams between the two devices via a wireless home network
    3) iDevice controls iTunes on your PC, which streams to the AirPort/Apple TV via a network.

    Apple Customer Services, Apple Tech Support and the guys in my local Apple Store reckon it's option 3...but that sounds like bollo to me - you could already do that by using the Remote App on an iDevice.

    Anybody know for sure?

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    I've been playing around with an old airport express and got best results thus:

    Set up airport express as a standalone network.
    Plug in speakers
    Log into this network on your mac/pc
    Log into this network on your iPhone
    Use remote app
    In iPod function there will be a new button bottom right allowing u to connect
    Likewise in iTunes on the mac/pc

    Ideally you'd merge airport network with your home wifi network but it wasn't happening for me.

    All in all I'm not sure it was worth all the hassle tbh!

    Good luck
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