AJ boxing!

    Is it fair to put up the best of British against a fat middle aged boxer? Looks so easy!


    lol I'm just glad the chisora v Whyte fight made it worth watching

    lol I'm just glad the chisora v Whyte fight made it worth watching

    it was never gonna end well for molina. joshua just ticking boxes for the world championship belt.

    Glad I didn't pay for it lol


    Why do you think Frank Bruno was paid so much for his losses?

    Promoters done him right over. Its all about the cash.


    awesome fight, personally had chisora winning it

    ​was brilliant mate. I thought a draw woulda been the only fair outcome but could have gone either way!


    Glad I didn't pay for it lol

    The Chisora/Whyte fight was worth the gate.

    Yeah I'll concede that, that was pretty special! X

    looking forward to wladimir klitschko v AJ now. guys seem to have a lot of respect for each other. Rightfully so

    chisora was robbed

    While the Whyte x Chisora fight was good, it was basically a slobberknocker with two fat domestic fighters.

    Aj fighting bums bores the bones off me. Can't wait till someone bombs one on his chin. Just to show his metal.

    That does not constitute ppv. Eddie Hearn is poison.

    i believe chisora was robbed and not for the first time so feel for chisora.
    as for joshua he did what he had to do, molina is no push over.
    he had a good go at wilder adamek and has power.
    so joshua had too much for him.
    i think joshua has the mike tyson effect (fighters are scared/lost before they even get into ring)


    AJ has been spoon fed easy fights to pad his record out early on.
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