Alan Johnston may be released today...

    At last some good news....maybe. I bet he will have some stories to tell, well here's to wishing him a safe return :thumbsup:

    The UK Foreign Office says it is looking into reports that the kidnapped BBC Gaza correspondent, Alan Johnston, may be released on Sunday.

    The reports came from a Hamas spokesman in Teheran, who said Mr Johnston could be released in the next few hours
    The BBC's David Loyn says nothing seems to have changed since Friday, when Hamas said it was taking serious and practical steps to secure the release.
    Mr Johnston, 45, was abducted on 12 March in Gaza City on his way home.
    Palestinian militants purportedly belonging to a group called the Army of Islam posted a video on the internet on 1 June showing the first pictures of the reporter, in which he said he was being well treated.
    Mr Johnston was the only Western reporter permanently based in Gaza and his abduction has triggered appeals for his release from lawmakers and rights groups around the world.
    More than 160,000 people have now signed an online petition calling for his release.
    Speaking at a news conference in the Iranian capital, Hamas's representative said Mr Johnston would be released soon.
    "The BBC journalist will be released within the next hours, today," Abu Osama al-Mouti said.
    Mr Mouti said the group holding Mr Johnston had certain pre-conditions for his release, but that Hamas was trying to secure his freedom without meeting their demands.
    He said if Mr Johnston was not freed soon, it would only be because of concerns for his security.
    A spokesman for Hamas in Gaza, Sami Abu Zuhri, said the Islamist group could confirm there were "intensive efforts to end the crisis of the abduction".
    "There are encouraging indicators that he will be released in the near future, but we cannot determine this in terms of hours," he told Reuters. On Friday, Hamas said it would no longer allow the journalist to be held captive and that it was in contact with Mr Johnston's abductors.…stm BBC


    Excelent news, lets hope it really happens today.

    Original Poster

    At last he is free :thumbsup: But don't forget there are other people who are still being held against their will :-(
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