Found 19th Jan 2008
I can't bare my current alarm clock, the noise is just soo irritating. Can anyone recommend a really good alarm clock?

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lol isn't that the point? Have a tone that's so annoying it wakes you up and you have to get up to shut it up?
It's pretty hard to recommend an alarm clock as they as many sound similar.
You could use a custom tone/tune if you use your mobile as an alarm clock. That would work.
And then change it when it gets annoying or boring.

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ideally something that throws a bucket of water... problem with annoying alarm is you get up to turn it off and go to sleep again

You can get alarms with wheels which "run away" when the alarm goes off so you have to find it to turn it off.
You can get some that are like those mini helicopters too.
Don't know how good they are. Just novelties I guess.

You can get some alarms that gradually introduce a light,bit by bit,and or birdsong-not sure this would work for you though.
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