Alarm Clock Needed

    Hey all, I need some help.

    I'm looking for an alarm clock that works, properly. I am probably the hardest person to waken in the mornings and no alarm clocks I have ever had have been good enough to wake me.

    I've had some loud ones that do enough to wake me but it needs to be unrelenting, I can stick 60 seconds of loud noise if I know that's all there is and then I can drift off again.

    I been late so many times and I hate myself for it once I'm up and actually out.


    Eek, sounds like you need several alarm clocks, on a staggered set off time, too far too reach from the bed. Crikey, or another person in the bed who will no doubt punch you in the side for not getting up. I know I would...

    Original Poster

    I've seen one on wheels that, when it goes off, the wheels start turning and it rolls away and presumably out of reach. That seemed the best option but I wonder whether it's loud or not.

    Maybe something that gave regular warnings that it was gonna squirt tomato ketchup all over the room in T minus 5 mins, 4 mins, 3 mins etc... that would work!
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