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    When this box is on standby, I cant turn it on pressing the power button. Anyone else have this problem? The box is on standby, with a red button on the front. The box is making no noise at this point, as well. It should just be a standard situation, but pressing the power button on the remote and on the box, doesnt do anything!? I have to turn ithe power off to switch it on again. Very annoying. Nothing is said about it in the manual, too. Google provides no answers, does anyone here have a solution?



    perhaps it's going wonkey

    The guts of this machine are made by a Turkish company called Vestel. I have an earlier Vestel model branded Digihome. Other machines are branded Goodmans and Dual.
    They're renowned for being a bit temperamental when they're new. Some, unfortunately, stay temperamental.
    I had a few problems, including one similar to yours, when I first bought mine. There was more than one occasion when I had to switch it off at the wall and wait 10 seconds before switching it back on. Eventually, after about a week it settled down. I've owned it for more than a year and it's pretty reliable. It crashes every few months. It gets a bit upset when I play around with PIP too much.

    Try googling Vestel and you may find more information.

    There's some more info here:…262

    Hope that helps

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    Cheers, that DS topic seems useful.

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    Just a little bump. I sorted the problem by switching off the "Power Save" mode in the options. Now the time is perminently on the box, and the power button works.

    I have another question. When Im playing something Ive recorded, the picture occasionally jumps a second. It happens fairly frequently. Does this happen on yours, MightyHumungus? Or anyone else for that matter. Ive had a Panasonic HDD recorder for years, and it never happens on that. Is this a common problem, and is there anything I can do about it?

    I have an Alba ALDTR 160 PVR. It no longer detects a signal although my aerial is fine - my Lg Digital tv can pick up all stations using this aerial cable. When in standby it only shows - - / - - When power is on it only shows 'DVB' on front panel. Is it a tuner problem and if so, can it be resolved by rebooting or downloading new software- if so, how do I do this. Any help would be much appreciated.
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