alchol free gift sets for women, looking for a giftset for a present but...

    looking for a giftset for some one for their xmas and i have just been informed that they are not allowed alchol (based) products at all eg perfume.

    So is there a gift set that i can get them to use in the bath or shower that does not contain alchol at all in all forms. I originally bought a dove gift set form sainburys but it contains alchol on it.

    So does any one have any ideas

    looking to try and get local eg boots and morrisons, superdrug, lush, savers, sainburys are all near buy


    Maybe try The Bodyshop too?

    Think the bodyshop is a good idea they would probably be more likely to have something and they do do lovely things.

    Hope you get something :thumbsup:

    Lush is online - have a nosey around the site, they list all of the ingredients in their products when you select the page they are on.

    local unique 'hipppy organic' shops can help we have several in Canterbury but they are not chains, so a walk round town may help: kelp extract or dead sea products are good also

    I would recommend Lush, they do some lovely gift sets and the web site has a list of ingredients.

    if the gift sets have perfume in you could make up one with your own with products that dont.…d=1

    avon ?
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