Alcohol confiscated due to 'Duty Free Americas' not used sealed bags

Posted 12th Sep 2022
Anyone else ever been caught by this?

Was flying home from Washington DC to Ireland at the weekend, direct flight was cancelled so ended up having to go via Heathrow. Done some duty-free shopping in DC before we left and got some alcohol, in the US it seems it standard that the shop doesn't give you your booze, they give you a receipt then you pick it up at the gate just before you board. Anyway, I get my bag of booze, board the plane and think nothing of it.

We land at Heathrow on time, and make our way through connections to board our flight to Dublin. At security I'm informed that because the duty-free shop didn't use a tamper-proof sealed bag (they just stapled a normal carrier bag shut) that they can't allow me to take the bag and its contents through. Only option is to put it in your checked luggage, but this being a connecting flight, I haven't seen my checked bags since DC so that's impossible.

So in the end I had to abandon the bag and go onwards booze-less. It's honestly disgraceful that they sell stuff to people and not give out tamper proof bags like they do in other airports I've been to.
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