Alcohol free beer - What's good and where to buy?

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Found 16th Jul 2014
Hi all, i'm going to my girlfriends dad's birthday for a BBQ and wanted to take something for him but he doesn't drink, but apparently likes alcohol free beer. she doesn't know which though. can someone help me out with which ones are drinkable and where you can get them. Thanks


Alcohol free koppaberg is lovely but it's a cider for beer alcohol free necks is nice

I used to drink an occasional becks alcohol free (think it was called becks Blue) when I was pregnant. That was ok. Or sometimes cobra alcohol free. Both were available in tesco.

Ginger beer

Holstein alc free is a good drink. should b available in most supermarkets


Holstein alc free is a good drink. should b available in most supermarkets

Meant Holsten lol

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thanks for the help, will try my local morrisons and see if they have the becks or holsten


They are all drinkable (yuk)

Erm... why not ask your girlfriends dad... as he's the one who'll be drinking it.

bavarias not bad

Fosters radler has a 0% version (it also has a 2% version so make sure you get the right one) it's really refreshing, it's like a lager shandy but with cloudy lemonade.

Becks blue is most definitely the nicest alcohol-free beer available. I've tried most alcohol-free beers that are readily available and most are horrid! Becks apparantly make normal lager then remove the alcohol when they're done. And its 6 bottles for £3 in Tesco too!

agree with momartin becks blue is by far the best

its not good its rank.,... just drink pop!
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