Alcohol help, please...

No, it's not what you're thinking. I don't need help with my alcohol addiction (though this may be a topic for a separate post).

My OH's sister is getting married soon and we thought it would be a nice pressie for them if we bought a bottle of quality whiskey,wine or anything else that needs to mature for loooong (preferably around 50 years). Then we'd give it to them and say they can open it together in 50 years time.

Now, the only problem is that I need to find this great bottle. They are not alcohol experts, so I guess it doesn't have to be, you know, the absolute rarest thing in the world. I guess I'm happy to spend up to £50. Any ideas?


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Are you Welsh, vinylandtrinkets, by any chance?


http://www.welsh-whisky.co.uk/index.htmltry this site they sell welsh … http://www.welsh-whisky.co.uk/index.htmltry this site they sell welsh whiskey, ive never tasted it but it is supposed to be the best. good luck

Penderyn is fantastic.

this is a good option ]http//ww…027 :thumbsup:

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except it's double the money I wanted to spend

plenty of choice here


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thanks guys for your help!
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