Alcohol's not good for you but the fake stuff can kill you

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Found 14th Dec 2014
Posting this for anyone who isn't aware given most people will be drinking more at this time of year...…hol

1. Place: Make sure you buy from a reputable supermarket, off licence or shop.

2. Price: If a deal looks too good to be true, it most probably is.

3. Packaging: Look out for:
Poor quality labelling, including things like spelling mistakes.
UK duty stamp—spirits in bottles 35cl or larger and 30% ABV or higher have to have a duty stamp, which indicates that tax has either been paid or is due to be paid on the contents of the bottle. They’re usually incorporated into the label or stuck on the glass. If it’s not there, it’s illegal
Properly sealed caps. If the seal is broken, don’t drink it. Even if it’s not illegal, it could have been tampered with.
Fake bar codes. If you have an app on your mobile that scans bar codes, scan it and see if it’s listed as the correct product.
4. Product: Look out for fake versions of well-known brands and be wary of unusual brand names you haven’t seen before. Vodka, the most commonly counterfeited spirit, shouldn’t have any white particles or sediment in the bottle. If you see this, the vodka could have been diluted with tap water. If any alcohol tastes or smells bad, don't drink it. Particularly look out for the smell of nail varnish.

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Thanks davewave for that useful advice ill share with my twitter followers

The real stuff will kill you too....eventually !


The real stuff will kill you too....eventually !

If you go through life without a drink, you will not live any longer - it will just feel like you do.

Thanks for the post davewave

Sadly it's old news and been reported on several different tv shows and other media ( here )

I even remember the story about a father Brenton Emmons returning to Indonesia where his backpacking daughter died from drinking fake alcohol and the Indonesian government had promised to stop it being sold but when the father returned he was able to purchase the same lethal alcohol in the same area where his daughter supposedly purchased it.

Also numerous crime shows where police/trading standards go to a certain type of store and seize either fake (potentially lethal) or illegal tobacco and alcohol - now I don't blame the buyer (normal prices are to high) but I do blame everyone else from the seller to the authorities. Punishment is a slap on the wrist if convicted yet if you were to knowingly sell a car that was unfit for purpose and it caused a death you'd probably receive a real sentence. I don't see any difference all are potentially lethal.

a cynic would say this was a tax thing :P


a cynic would say this was a tax thing :P

Let the cynics say what they want Steven, it's good to know about these things - can't trust anybody these days.

Thanks Dave.
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