Aldi 14" Medion laptop ~ Thoughts?

Found 24th Apr
Interested in thoughts as condidering one for my son! Cheers!!
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If its this one for £200…400 then its very, very basic, Atom CPU, 2GB Ram and 64GB Flash Syorage. Hasnt got much going for it, but it depenps what your after and more to the poinbt what your trying to do with it.

Personally, I wouldnt bother, spend a few more quid or if budget is tight do a bit more homework and buy a better secondhand Lappy
Depends what the intended use is. The example 14" notebook at £199.99 is base-level but capable of general browsing, playing media and running typical office applications (working with documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc). Main benefit of that specific model could be argued to be the 3 years warranty, although it is a defect warranty, not an accidental damage warranty. £159.99 would buy you marginally better spec with 12m fulfilled-Amazon warranty…S5/ or £191 could bag a much higher-specified and flexibly upgradeable machine if you're comfortable with replicated 12m merchant warranty serviced in UK when the purchase is funded directly to merchant via UK credit card from far east supplier shipping from EU (no import fees)…tml
I've got one. It's very slow. I only use it because it will speak to my printer and my tablet won't. Can't really comment on how it compares to others because i'm not really a big computer user
It would have really helped if you told us how old he was - makes all the difference.

Most kids are more tech-savvy than their parents - and will probably need more RAM / Storage than you think!
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