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Posted 19th Nov
Hi i have seen advertise in the Aldi leaflet an air fryer coming on offer sunday 24 november for £35 and was wondering if anybody has one or has any views on the product ?.
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I see one online for 24th.... but it's £39.99. Is that the one Ambiano Airfryer
Yes , sorry i knew it was around the £35 mark just couldnt quute remember how much. Is it any good ??.
I thought it might be like a halogen tabletop cooker, with a hidden element, but it has a heating element more akin to an electric cooker, with the fan being the magic ingredient.
Reminds me of the flavorwave I bought years ago.
My only caveats with this is the size, you'll get more into a halogen and where does all the grease and fat go?
I have had an air fryer for several years and it is fantastic. They are all basically the same, with different levels of refinements. All you need is one with a timer (digital is better) and a thermostat so you can set your cooking temperature.
As for 'where does all the grease go?' the pan usually lifts out with a basket inside with your food in it. The grease drops into the pan (what little there is). It's very convenient for cooking small amounts for one or two people and it's healthy too.
I also have a halogen cooker, it too is great but it's a totally different way of cooking and gives different results. Both are healthy ways of cooking and I would recommend both.
Our Air fryer gets used everyday at home , can't recommend them enough. With Air Fryers the bigger the better , the more air circulation the better the result. On the website this one only looks small ( ok for one person) but you need to see the actual fryer to be sure. We have a Philips XL and at the Caravan a Tefal Fry Delight( which is smaller) , get the same results from both just the Tefal takes 20% longer.
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