Aldi Ferrex Circular Saw

Posted 24th Feb
Hi, i've just found one of those circular saws from aldi for a good price and now im in need to get a battery and charger, can any old one suffice as long as its the correct voltage and fits or do i need to get the one that they recommend? cheers!
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Batteries are consumables, the old days of having to buy specific brands for your gear are thankfully numbered. There tend to be 'standard' fittings now for most brands. I think manufacturers are now realising that they lose to much business now as people are more savvy and look at things like battery costs etc before buying. If the fitting is the same and the voltage etc are the same it should be ok.
Hmmm, still needs to be bang on, same brand, voltage ah...
Trust me there are sooo many little differences with battery packs!...could be same as another brand, but be careful!!.. different spaced pins, polarity, locking device...ferex stuff supposedly interchangeable...
The "good price" probably ISN'T by the time you bought battery and charger, sorry.
Charger....I think £15, or some ferrex chargers were...(these still around in-store)and the 40v battery...£30?, the 40v battery pretty rare now..
Bet someone selling on fleabay?
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