Aldi have Halogen ovens on offer for £24.99. I'm wondering if they're really worth having. I've read reviews on halogen ovens and it seems 50/50 on opinions. I know they take up quite a lot of storage space. As it seems a fair price I keep talking my

    Are halogen ovens worth having......yes or no?


    No, especially the cheap ones. I bought one from a popular online auction site new and the bulb only lasted 2 months. They don't seem to cook evenly either.

    My mom has one and she swears by it everything is cooked in it the bulbs can be replaced for about £5 - much healthier way to cook also !!

    I have bought 2 from Robert dyas for around £35 ish and have to say that they have been great , the first one gave up after 3 years so bought another ( I think they come with a 2 year guarantee ) can cook most things in them and you can see how they are cooking and I tend to turn items I am cooking in there around ( the same as I would do in an oven ) some of the more expensive ones I think you can change the bulbs in them ,
    so the answer to your question is yes , but don't go for the smallest one

    I have a JML that is about 5 years old and would not be without one now. If you are sure the size is big enough go ahead and treat yourself

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    The one in Aldi is 11.5 litres with an extender ring increasing it up to 17 litres.…-2/

    A few things I found on research that have put me off are.
    Cakes tend to only bake on the top and the underside remains soggy,
    Pizza ends up with a soggy base.
    Roast chicken seems to look rather paler than when I cook in the oven.
    On the plus side are.
    Fast cooking.
    Meat evidently remains juice.

    Another issue is if the bulb can replaced when it breaks. There are a fair few models on the market that you cannot replace them on.

    I'm still in a dilemma as to what to do.
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    I bought the James Martin halogen Oven and it came with a spare bulb.I had bought Robert Dyas brand Halogen Oven with a 2 year guarantee and in 2 years i went through 3 of them as bulbs broke.

    Figgy was right saying this" Cakes tend to only bake on the top and the underside remains soggy,
    Pizza ends up with a soggy base "

    For £25 give it a go, it is not like your are chancing a £300 oven.
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    if u put pizza on a metal rack it cooks nicelly. same with chicken etc. the air needs to get under the food. I love my halogen oven. cheaper, quicker and easier to clean!!

    Great ovens. Use mine loads and it's so much cheaper and cooks well.
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    should go for it.
    save energy and easy clean.
    much of the problem with halegen oven is that people don't use the extending ring or the baking rack, i alway use mine when cooking to circulate hot air.
    less oilly smoke when roasting duck, pork or chicken.
    bake cake just as good as gas oven.

    They look a bit small from advert? You need one with extention ring to cook a chicken plus it needs to be big enough for pizza ect. Ours is deep enough for a basket to shake chips in which is brilliant. Seen nice ones around 11lt in places like the range for £40

    Original Poster just answered my next question lol which was......
    Can you cook chips in them?
    That one has an extender ring which makes it into a 17 litre.

    Figgy just answered my next question lol which was......Can you … just answered my next question lol which was......Can you cook chips in them?That one has an extender ring which makes it into a 17 litre.

    They're better at oven chips than anything else, IMHO. But I find you have to turn food over in order for it to cook evenly. The shopping channels give the impression tgat you can put a whole chicken and vegetables in, and jyst leave it all to cook. IME, the hot air doesn't circulate underneath enough without turning food over at half-time.

    I'll never cook a chicken in a normal oven again as they are so juicey and tastier in the halogen. A whole chicken takes about the same length of time to cook but portions are much quicker. People who say the oven doesn't cook right are people who don't have a clue how to cook. It's all common sense. Get one you can't go wrong unless you're totally

    They're awesome, get one of these oven basket mesh things for thinner things and cut it down to size (easy)…esh
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